Today my post is a little different. I hope you enjoy!

Goals are such an important aspect of life. Creating goals provides you with a place to focus your energy and efforts. Measuring your progress becomes easier because you have a benchmark to compare with. Personally, goals help to fuel my ambition of staying motivated and aiming for dreams that can become a reality.

Those who know me well know I cannot live without my planners, lists, and organizers. It provides a sense of structure and I have been creating lists for years. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals help me to measure how well I am managing my time and whether I am achieving my goals or not. Trust me when I say that being able to check off goals you have achieved gives you a sense of pride and happiness.

Below are 100 life goals I chose to incorporate into this post. Let me remind you I have WAY MORE than 100 life goals. If I kept going I would never stop and no one would ever want to read this post.


Financial & Writing
  1. Be debt-free
  2. Build my own house
  3. Create a budget and follow it
  4. Generate an income from writing
  5. Make conscious choices when spending money
  6. Publish weekly or bi-weekly blog posts for a year
  7. Save $5,000 & then make a bigger goal. (Ex. $10,000, then $20,000)
  8. Save more than I spend
  9. Set aside money from each paycheck for emergencies & traveling
  10. Write a book & get it published
  1. Get a dog
  2. Attend the CMA’s
  3. Be an audience member of a show taping
  4. Become fluent in a new language
  5. Build my blog
  6. Create a vlog or travel diary
  7. Complete a Spartan race
  8. Exercise regularly
  9. Fill 5 journals about my experiences & adventures
  10. Find a new hobby
  11. Get a new guitar & write my own songs
  12. Graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree
  13. Have a long-term loving relationship
  14. Have my dream wedding
  15. Horseback ride on a beach
  16. Host a Family Dinner
  17. Learn how to increase my photography skills
  18. Learn how to make sushi
  19. Maintain healthy eating habits
  20. Master 20 recipes
  21. Meeting the following people:
    1. Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (Met July 8th, 2018 SD) 
    2. Shania Twain
    3. Lennon & Maisy Stella
    4. Connie Britton
    5. Lea Thompson
    6. Leah Remini
    7. Tina Fey
    8. (I will add on as my list gets longer)
  22. Own a vacation home
  23. Read a new book each month for a year
  24. See a huge concert from the first few rows (07/08/18; 07/18/18 Soul2Soul, 07/28/18 NOW)
  25. Serve others more often
  26. Sing karaoke or in front of an audience
  27. Sponsor a child in need
  28. Take a photo every day for a year.
  29. Watch an NFL football game live
  30. Write every day for a year
  1. Get married
  2. Become a mother
  3. Create family photo books every year
  4. Create family traditions that can be passed down
  5. Have consistent date nights with future spouse
  6. Plan family meals weekly
  7. Raise my future children to know how loved & valued they are
  8. Raise my future children to follow their dreams & work hard
  9. Serve others often
  10. Take annual family vacations
Travel & Adventures
  1. Explore Bora Bora
  2. Explore the Caribbean Islands
  3. Explore Havasu Falls
  4. Explore LA
  5. Explore Nashville, TN (June 1st-June 5th, 2018)
  6. Explore NYC
  7. Get up early & watch the sunrise
  8. Go cliff jumping
  9. Go on a cruise
  10. Go on a mission’s trip
  11. Go on a wine tasting trip
  12. Go skydiving
  13. Go scuba diving
  14. Go to all 50 states
  15. Go to concerts whenever possible
  16. Have a beach bonfire at while the sunsets
  17. Road trip down the West Coast (WA, OR, & CA
  18. Stand on the equator
  19. See the Eiffel Tower
  20. See Mount Rushmore…again (07/07/18)IMG_0467
  21. See Niagara Falls
  22. See Old Faithful erupt
  23. See the Northern Lights
  24. See the Statue of Liberty
  25. See the Taj Mahal
  26. Spend New Years Eve at a big celebration (Ex: NYC, Nashville)
  27. Swim with dolphins
  28. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain in Rome
  29. Take a road trip with friends
  30. Take a cruise
  31. Travel around the world
  32. Travel to a new destination each year
  33. Watch the sunset in Greece
  34. Visit Amsterdam, Netherlands
  35. Take a gondola through the canals of Venice
  36. Take a Helicopter ride over
  37. Visit as many U.S History historical landmarks as possible
  38. Visit Australia
  39. Visit Bali, Indonesia
  40. Visit Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  41. Visit Cancun, Mexico
  42. Visit Cape Town, South Africa
  43. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  44. Visit London, England
  45. Visit Paris, France
  46. Visit Saint Lucia
  47. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  48. Visit Turks & Caicos Islands
  49. Watch a movie under the stars
  50. Zipline in New Zealand

I hope you enjoyed reading my 100-lifetime goals. Although this list will change over time I hope to accomplish as many of these as possible. I challenge you all to create a list of life goals. Whether you are 15 or 55 it is never to late to accomplish the things you have always dreamed of. Take those dreams, make them a reality, and allow yourself to find happiness and confidence in doing so.

Thank you for reading!

Xoxo, Lexie


5 thoughts on “100 LIFE GOALS

  1. I need to sit down and do this too – Things pop into my head constantly and I think “Oh I need to do that in my lifetime.” Then the moment passes and I forget!

    You’ve inspired me xx


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have done the same thing for so long, so I finally decided it was time to make a list I can refer back to! I would love to read yours when you are done! I love seeing others goals!

      Xoxo, Lexie


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