Dear Future Husband

A year ago, I completed a bible study that focused on praying for my future spouse. (link below) Along with the daily bible verses was a challenge to either rewrite the prayer provided or make it your own. This bible study was the start of a different perspective on singleness and a new way to deal with the frustrations of it.

Trying to learn to be content in singleness is often incredibly hard. Yes, I know I am only nineteen years old so please do not try and tell me I shouldn’t be worrying about this. If you were in my position looking around and seeing countless friends, colleagues, and random strangers all enjoying their relationships, proposals, weddings, and starting a family you would understand what I am going through. It wouldn’t be my first time saying my biggest aspiration in life is to get married to the “love of my life” and start a family together. This aspiration is what makes be single so difficult. Although I am young not being asked on dates or talked to by any male makes me feel as if my dream is going nowhere.

There are so many things I want and instead of getting angry about the unknown I chose to pray for you and the life we will share together.

Over this past year, I have learned that when I begin to feel unwanted emotions about singleness it is easiest for me to grab a journal and write to my future husband and God. I write to my future husband about what I am praying about and write prayers to God about my future husband. I looked over a handful of my entries and decided to compile them into one letter I wrote and prayed about.

Dear Future Husband,

I am not even sure where to begin. There are so many things I want to tell you and so many questions I want answers to. I know you are out there somewhere and I wish I didn’t have to wait so long to know who you are. I pray for you often and I wish you knew that. I am not always the most patient when it comes to meeting you. I want to know who you are, your life story, what you are like, and what your dreams for this life are. Often times I sit around and wonder what you are like at church. I wonder if you quietly connect with our Lord or raise your hands high in surrender like I do. I am eager to know if you will be up for adventures. I want to discover new cities, places, and destinations with you by my side. I want to know about your upbringing and whether you are close with your family.  I want to be able to show you the love I already have for you. I want to create a habit of reading our bible daily and praying together. I want to get married and set a good example for our future children on what it means to respect and love one another. I want to create a home where our children will always want to run home to and share it with their friends. I want to create traditions that can be passed down for generations to come. I want you to know that I will be your biggest fan, encourager, and confidant. I want to share in your successes and your failures. I want to fulfill our purposes and callings in this life together. I want to explore the world together and share memories in some of the most beautiful places God placed on this earth. I want you to know that you will be loved and supported. I want you to know I eagerly await the day you come into my life and change it all for good. I imagine our first dates and special days. I imagine coming down the aisle, staring at you, and being so incredibly thankful that God blessed my life with a man as strong, courageous, and loving as you. I imagine the day I tell you we are expecting and that my dream of being a mother is coming true. I imagine so many small and big milestones that I pray we are able to share together one day. I imagine the good and bad times and being willing to rely on God through them all.

God, I pray that he is drawing near and building on his relationship with you each day.  I pray that he is leaning on you when temptations of this world come into his life. I pray that he is working and preparing for his future and striving to be a man of integrity. I pray that he is trusting you through it all. I pray that he is finding happiness in you today and every day. I pray that you are giving him the patience to wait upon you in bringing us together. Amen.

I just can’t wait for the day you finally come into my life.


Your Future Wife.


I challenge each one of you to take special moments are pray for your future spouse. Trust in God and His timing and focus on yourself and your relationship with God while you are single because God will bring you a man when you are ready.

Xoxo, Lexie


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