Today’s post is short, sweet, and to the point.

Let’s talk about dreams. I want you to think back to your childhood. Can you count the number of times someone told you to follow your dreams? It is pretty hard, huh? This statement seems to be drilled into the minds of young children. As we grew up we often tend to lose sight of our dreams and put them on the backburner. There is always some reason why one of our dreams can’t be fulfilled. These reasons may include not having enough time, being worried about the cost it might take, or never actually taking action to make them happen.

All I have to say about this is FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. Life is so short. Work hard. Set goals. Be spontaneous. Save and spend your money on the adventures and experiences your heart desires. Never let any time or money constraint get in the way of your dreams.

I recently began to work extra hard on making this a priority in my life. In December, I booked a flight to Nashville. This is the first major trip I have organized, put together, and paid for all by myself. After graduating from high school and finishing my first year of college I never thought this would be possible. I work so hard to make enough money to pay my bills and place money into savings. I will tell you giving up those few nights where I didn’t go out to the movies or dinner with friends because I wanted to save money has paid off. I am seeing the benefits of it now. I am not telling you to never go out and do fun things but rather spend your money wisely.

Some of my biggest dreams are coming true this summer and it has been a complete whirlwind these past two months booking these trips. I get to explore Nashville for a week and soak in the rich history and country music. I also get to see my favorite country artists, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in concert twice in July. If this wasn’t already enough to make my heart full God blessed me even more. I was able to get enough money together to make a huge dream of mine come true. In July of this year, I get to road trip to South Dakota. I get to see Mount Rushmore for the second summer in a row and I get to meet Faith and Tim.

After this summer, I am not sure many experiences will the joy these dreams bring me. However, my next goal is to spoil my younger brother with a high school senior trip that I was never able to experience. I am sure that with a lot of hard work, goals, and trust I can make another dream of spoiling my younger brother come true!

Everything I just shared is proof that hard work, setting goals, trusting in God, and following your dreams can bring you great joy, memories, experiences and more. Trust me it is worth the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve your goals. The joy you will get from knowing you have worked to make your biggest dreams come true is indescribable. I urge each one of your to do the same. Who knows maybe your wildest dreams can come true!?


Xoxo, Lexie




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