HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!! Here is some food for thought that we should all consider today and every day.

How often are you lifting your friends and family up? Do you give them a confidence boost when they aren’t feeling their best? Do you support them through the good and bad times? Do you encourage them to spread their wings and be the best version of themselves? Take a moment to think about these questions.

As humans, a majority of us are always trying to lift others spirits and make them feel loved and appreciated. Sadly, we rarely give ourselves the same treatment of constant encouragement, support, and love. As clique as it sounds, self-love should be considered one of the most important aspects in our life. It is a love that creates a foundation for how you interact with and love other individuals.

Maintaining a positive self-image and loads of self-love is never the easiest thing to do. We will in a world where social media makes it so easy to compare ourselves to others, which can lead to putting ourselves down because we don’t think we are pretty, talented, or smart enough. We all must learn to move past the things society has coined as the norm and focus on what is most important. As an individual, you can choose to see your flaws as these terrible things and allow them to make you feel ashamed, or you can learn to see them as opportunities to learn and grow and love yourself for the flaws you have been blessed with.

Self-love helps feed your soul and emotional well-being. It allows you to become ground with your soul and yourself. Once this happens you will be able to give the rest of the world the opportunity to experience you just as you are. You will be able to love others to the capacities to which you love yourself and you will be surprised at the happiness and joy that comes from learning to love yourself.

It is best said by Buddha, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”. 


Xoxo, Lexie



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