Missing My City

I know I just posted my weekly blog post, however, I am missing Nashville so much right now. Everyone keeps saying my love for this city is a phase and it will soon pass but I don’t think it ever will. During my trip, I took a ton of videos with the hope of creating a cute “travel diary”. This is the first one I have ever made. I hope you enjoy and if anyone wants to take a trip soon or move there in two years let me know!!!!

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Xoxo, Lexie



This was written as the plane was taking off from the BNA airport last week. It is crazy to think it has already been a week since I was in my favorite city. I miss it so much and am already attempting to plan more trips in the near future. I don’t think I will ever be able to stay away from Nashville or the South.


As I take off right now, I can’t help but feel as if this entire trip and experience still feels like a complete dream. I am not sure when it is going to hit me that this trip was real and I truly did experience all of these precious moments. I have dreamt of this experience since I was a young girl and as the altitude is climbing just past 36,000 feet I am overcome with so many emotions.

Coffee & Coconuts in the beautiful Franklin, Tennessee.

They are ranging from an abundance of gratitude, slight sadness, extreme happiness, total astonishment and so many more that I am unable to describe at this very moment in time. Never in a million years did I think I would fall in love with a city the way I have fallen in love with Nashville.


I am in desperate need of this turquoise blue electric guitar.
Nothing but Smiles
Musicians Hall of Fame in Downtown Nashville!

I met so many amazing individuals while I was in the city. I had the opportunity to attend a benefit concert hosted by Brad Paisley and his wife that featured numerous artists including Charles Esten, Lindsey Ell, Chase Bryant and a surprise appearance from Darius Rucker. I was also lucky enough to experience the amazing beginning of the CMA Fest, which I will be back for in the near future. The crowds swarmed for the free food, music, and fun activities in front of the Symphony Hall. I was able to get a Backstage Tour of the Grand Ole Opry, see the exhibits at the Country Music Hall of Fame, take numerous other tours and seek out the popular spots and hidden gems throughout the city. All in all, there is simply not enough words to describe or share all of the moments I soaked in during my incredible time there.

Music has the ability to capture my soul.

Nashville, you captured my heart in every single aspect of what a city should have. Not only are you the home of Country music but you are crawling at all hours of the day. You have such unique areas within an arm’s reach of downtown and you are everything I have ever wanted in a city and more.

Flower Truck!
Amelia’s Flower Truck!

I truly believe that at this time in my life I will eventually call Nashville home. I am young, I have the desire to travel. I desire to have a fresh start and learn to live outside of a city I have grown up in and never left. The south has my heart. God is in control and who knows where this life will take me, however, with much prayer and guidance I pray that this dream of calling Nashville home will happen one day.

For every moment I was in that city something continuously called out to me as I would stand in one place, take a deep breath, look around and soak it all in. I know leaving Idaho would be an interesting journey and that I would deeply miss those I consider beloved friends and those I consider family, however, I have come to believe that if it is something you heart desires and it is part of God’s plan for you, together y’all will make it happen. I believe that it could change me in a way that nothing else could. Idaho is incredible but I believe I would regret the decision of never attempting to live in a city outside of Boise or in a city that I dearly desire to live in. With all of this being said I am so grateful God has granted me this life I have and I owe all of my adventures and experiences to Him.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite thing about Nashville is and if you are ever contemplating traveling there PLEASE DO IT! I am more than willing to help you find the best places and give you a few pointers. It is the most incredible city I have ever been to. Until next time…

Xoxo, Lexie


Coffee & Coconuts in Franklin, Tennessee.
Simple NOT Basic ~Philosophy
Rooftop Bar ~ George Jones in Downtown Nashville!
“What Lifes You”. Nashville Lifts Me.