Missing My City

I know I just posted my weekly blog post, however, I am missing Nashville so much right now. Everyone keeps saying my love for this city is a phase and it will soon pass but I don’t think it ever will. During my trip, I took a ton of videos with the hope of creating a cute “travel diary”. This is the first one I have ever made. I hope you enjoy and if anyone wants to take a trip soon or move there in two years let me know!!!!

Click the link below to check out the travel diary!



Xoxo, Lexie



HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!! Here is some food for thought that we should all consider today and every day.

How often are you lifting your friends and family up? Do you give them a confidence boost when they aren’t feeling their best? Do you support them through the good and bad times? Do you encourage them to spread their wings and be the best version of themselves? Take a moment to think about these questions.

As humans, a majority of us are always trying to lift others spirits and make them feel loved and appreciated. Sadly, we rarely give ourselves the same treatment of constant encouragement, support, and love. As clique as it sounds, self-love should be considered one of the most important aspects in our life. It is a love that creates a foundation for how you interact with and love other individuals.

Maintaining a positive self-image and loads of self-love is never the easiest thing to do. We will in a world where social media makes it so easy to compare ourselves to others, which can lead to putting ourselves down because we don’t think we are pretty, talented, or smart enough. We all must learn to move past the things society has coined as the norm and focus on what is most important. As an individual, you can choose to see your flaws as these terrible things and allow them to make you feel ashamed, or you can learn to see them as opportunities to learn and grow and love yourself for the flaws you have been blessed with.

Self-love helps feed your soul and emotional well-being. It allows you to become ground with your soul and yourself. Once this happens you will be able to give the rest of the world the opportunity to experience you just as you are. You will be able to love others to the capacities to which you love yourself and you will be surprised at the happiness and joy that comes from learning to love yourself.

It is best said by Buddha, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”. 


Xoxo, Lexie



This was written as the plane was taking off from the BNA airport last week. It is crazy to think it has already been a week since I was in my favorite city. I miss it so much and am already attempting to plan more trips in the near future. I don’t think I will ever be able to stay away from Nashville or the South.


As I take off right now, I can’t help but feel as if this entire trip and experience still feels like a complete dream. I am not sure when it is going to hit me that this trip was real and I truly did experience all of these precious moments. I have dreamt of this experience since I was a young girl and as the altitude is climbing just past 36,000 feet I am overcome with so many emotions.

Coffee & Coconuts in the beautiful Franklin, Tennessee.

They are ranging from an abundance of gratitude, slight sadness, extreme happiness, total astonishment and so many more that I am unable to describe at this very moment in time. Never in a million years did I think I would fall in love with a city the way I have fallen in love with Nashville.


I am in desperate need of this turquoise blue electric guitar.
Nothing but Smiles
Musicians Hall of Fame in Downtown Nashville!

I met so many amazing individuals while I was in the city. I had the opportunity to attend a benefit concert hosted by Brad Paisley and his wife that featured numerous artists including Charles Esten, Lindsey Ell, Chase Bryant and a surprise appearance from Darius Rucker. I was also lucky enough to experience the amazing beginning of the CMA Fest, which I will be back for in the near future. The crowds swarmed for the free food, music, and fun activities in front of the Symphony Hall. I was able to get a Backstage Tour of the Grand Ole Opry, see the exhibits at the Country Music Hall of Fame, take numerous other tours and seek out the popular spots and hidden gems throughout the city. All in all, there is simply not enough words to describe or share all of the moments I soaked in during my incredible time there.

Music has the ability to capture my soul.

Nashville, you captured my heart in every single aspect of what a city should have. Not only are you the home of Country music but you are crawling at all hours of the day. You have such unique areas within an arm’s reach of downtown and you are everything I have ever wanted in a city and more.

Flower Truck!
Amelia’s Flower Truck!

I truly believe that at this time in my life I will eventually call Nashville home. I am young, I have the desire to travel. I desire to have a fresh start and learn to live outside of a city I have grown up in and never left. The south has my heart. God is in control and who knows where this life will take me, however, with much prayer and guidance I pray that this dream of calling Nashville home will happen one day.

For every moment I was in that city something continuously called out to me as I would stand in one place, take a deep breath, look around and soak it all in. I know leaving Idaho would be an interesting journey and that I would deeply miss those I consider beloved friends and those I consider family, however, I have come to believe that if it is something you heart desires and it is part of God’s plan for you, together y’all will make it happen. I believe that it could change me in a way that nothing else could. Idaho is incredible but I believe I would regret the decision of never attempting to live in a city outside of Boise or in a city that I dearly desire to live in. With all of this being said I am so grateful God has granted me this life I have and I owe all of my adventures and experiences to Him.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite thing about Nashville is and if you are ever contemplating traveling there PLEASE DO IT! I am more than willing to help you find the best places and give you a few pointers. It is the most incredible city I have ever been to. Until next time…

Xoxo, Lexie


Coffee & Coconuts in Franklin, Tennessee.
Simple NOT Basic ~Philosophy
Rooftop Bar ~ George Jones in Downtown Nashville!
“What Lifes You”. Nashville Lifts Me.


My Skin Care Routine

I am so excited to share will you all my skincare regime and routine. Trust me when I say once you try Dermalogica you will never go back to any other skin care brand. The results that come from this brand are incredible! I went from having breakouts routinely to having clear skin nearly all the time. My dry skin began to repair itself and stay moisturized.

Below you will find the products I use the most and I have come to learn that a little goes a long way with this brand.

The Special Cleansing Gel gently cleanses the face with this foaming product.

The Daily Microfoliant is an exfoliating powder that is easy to apply and gentle on the skin.

The Skin Smoothing Cream is the most incredible moisturizer EVER! It moisturizes the surface and beyond leaving my face feeling refreshed.

Before bed, I like to throw a lip treatment on. The Nightly Lip Treatment applies just like a chapstick or lip gloss would and helps to reduce lip lines while you sleep. It leaves your lips feeling moisturized as well.

This is NOT an ad or collaboration. I truly swear by this brand and hope that each of you will be willing to invest and give it a shot. Trust me when I say that you will not regret investing in the most incredible skincare line I have ever tried.

Let me know what skincare products you swear by in the comments below!

And until next time…

Xoxo, Lexie




Focus on Yourself

As humans it is often inevitable that we tend to focus more on other people and things rather than ourselves. As a young adult in today’s society I often feel pressured because certain life milestones aren’t occurring for me. I am only nineteen years old! I truly do not need my sole focus to be relationships, marriage, or children. Although each of these milestones is something I desperately crave for my life at some point down the road, it is deeply important to spend this time by myself to focus on my soul and personal happiness. The summer time is a perfect time to focus some much needed attention on you, your dreams, goals, and aspirations. It is not selfish to make time to make yourself happy and is incredible important to do so.

I decided to come up with a few of my favorite ways to focus on myself and thought I would share with y’all.

  1. Get lost in a good book!

My current top 4 favorite books!

  • Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst
    • I am currently reading this and loving every minute of it. It is a continual reminder that we are all destined for a love that can never be taken away.
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
    • It takes you on a journey to find yourself and work towards reaching light and truth. It reminded me that the mind is a powerful tool and if used correctly can provide a create deal of peace.
  • Troublemaker by Leah Remini
    • I have always had an interest in learning about others beliefs and religions. Remini does an incredible job at sharing her journey within the Church of Scientology and left me wanted more.
  • Radical Self Love by Gala Darling
    • This book stressed the importance of determining what makes you so incredible. It taught me one incredible thing: when you truly love yourself, life is limitless.
  1. Unplug.

Whether it is for a few hours or an entire day you would be surprised to see how refreshing being unplugged can be. I try extremely hard to do this; however, the one thing I cannot go without is my music! Instead I just turn off all notifications to all of my apps in order to still feel unplugged from everyone and everything.

  1. Treat yourself.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but take a day and focus on yourself. Whether it is doing things you enjoy, sleeping in, making your favorite foods, or watching your favorite movies…make a day of it and relax and unwind.

  1. Experience the outdoors.

Trust me when I say I am not the outdoorsy kind of person, however, there is nothing more refreshing than going on a hike or taking a long drive on a sunny summer day.

  1. Single.

If there is anything I have truly learned it would have to be that it is okay to be single. I haven’t had a relationship for almost 5 years now and it has allowed me all of this time to understand what my passions, dreams, and aspirations are. Trust me, it really isn’t as bad as it may seem.

  1. Appreciate the little things.

Sadly it is a common occurrence for so many individuals to complain about the smallest things in life. It is crucial to take moments and appreciate all of the things surrounding us. Learn to appreciate being able to wake up with breath in your lungs and the opportunity to be on this earth another day. Learn to appreciate the opportunities this life grants you because you never know when they may not be there anymore. Life is a precious gift.

  1. Learn to love yourself.

This is probably one of the hardest things we are told to do for so many reasons; however, it is so very important. When you are happy with who you are you are able to give love without worrying about if your love is good enough. Spend the necessary time focusing on yourself and falling in love with who you are as a person. You would be amazed at what you can accomplish and the happiness it will bring to your life.


Summer is upon us and I cannot wait to take some necessary time and continue to focus on myself. What will you chose to do?


Xoxo, Lexie

Love This Life

I have been thinking a lot lately about how this life is a mixture of unique experiences and opportunities and new places and people…or so it should be. It is all up to you to decide how you want to go about life. It can be a magical journey full of defeats and triumphs and should be considered the utmost precious gift.

Now, I am in no way claiming to always be the person who radiates positivity, however, we must challenge ourselves to be positive more often. It seems the first step to loving life is by gaining a better understanding of why it is so magnificent.

Here are a few important reasons I think life is magnificent:

  1. Endless opportunities

Opportunities can be found wherever we turn, but we must be willing to keep our eyes open for them and take the first step of pursuing them. It isn’t hard to find new chances to learn and grow, meet new people, pursue a new job, or follow your dreams. So, what is holding us back? It is most likely due to the human inability to notice the opportunities that are right in front of us, however, it will always be your choice to recognize what opportunities you want to take and take them.

  1. New places, new people

I am finally in a position in life where I am able to save up every penny I have to fulfill this gypsy kind of soul that is within me. I want to travel everywhere, and I think about it ALL THE TIME. I find myself imagining all of the incredible places I could and will see and how many genuine individuals I could meet along the way. Imagine meeting new people in the new places you are exploring who increase your energy and have the potential to leave an unforgettable mark on your life. HOW INCREDIBLE DOES THAT SOUND? My advice is this: if you have the desire to travel, find any and every way to make these desires become a reality because you will not regret it.

  1.  Take a moment to live in the moment

This one is often the most difficult for so many to figure out. Believe me when I say I struggle with this one quite often, however, I am learning to let go of the past and stop worrying so much about every little detail of my future. Every moment might not be the greatest moment, but it is important to love and appreciate each moment and make the best of it.

Take a moment and let that soak in.

Now, why you think this life is beautiful and what are you going to do to make the most of it? Comment below and let me know!

Xoxo, Lexie



The Weekend Warrior Tour

February 02, 2018. Another day, another concert and an eternal growing love for music.

Brad Paisley’s show in Boise was INCREDIBLE, to say the least. He is one amazing performer, artist, and guitar player. He gave away a guitar he signed on stage to a young boy and brought five servicemen on stage to thank them for their service and treat them to a beverage. It got to spend time with a beautiful friend and take my little brother to his first concert ever! This ordinary Friday night reminded me why I spend my money on concert tickets and why I love country music, country artists, and the country community so much.

As for country music, it is my favorite genre and the one that has my heart. The artists never fail to thank God for everything He has provided and thank the service men and women of this beautiful country we live in. Every 9E9F26FB-3EC8-48BB-81FA-AC26ACF1F7D8.JPGcountry song is so relatable and either focus on things I have been through, am going through or will go through in the future. Each lyric has meaning and each song tells a story. What more could you ask for when it comes to music? I also love their tributes and love for small towns. I have always lived in or close to the city, however, my heart lies in the small town way of thinking and life. Lastly, their concerts never fail to be incredible and who doesn’t want an extra chance to dress up in their boots and hats?


I often get rude comments or looks when others ask me how often or how much I pay for tickets to concerts. I have yet to regret spending money on any concert ticket. Music makes me so happy! It speaks to my heart, mind, and soul in a way nothing else can. There is nothing that feels as great as seeing your favorite artists in person and singing at the top of your lungs to every song you have had on repeat. I chose to spend my money on experiences that bring me happiness, joy, and unforgettable memories. It is something I like to think of as PRICELESS. Trust me when I say if you start spending your money on experiences like this you will understand where I am coming from and never turn back.


Xoxo, Lexie