Biggest Dream Achieved!

This isn’t a post I would normally share, however, I wanted to share this one for myself. I want it to serve as a reminder of the greatest day of my life and one I will truly never forget.


On July 8th, 2018, the day I had been counting down to finally came around. I had traveled more than 20 hours to meet someone whose music and example has helped me through so many moments both good and bad.

I had the privilege of a lifetime to meet Faith Hill and Tim McGraw during their 2018 leg of the Soul2Soul tour. It was by far the best show I have ever been to. Faith and Tim along with their entire crew made the VIP experience more incredible than I ever thought it would be. Directly after the meet and greet, as I was shaking and crying with excitement and happiness, I was so surprised to learn that the autogenerated ticket that I got when I purchased this package had placed me directly in front of Faith’s entry point onto the stage.

The show is filled with energy, power, incredible vocals, and an endless amount of love shared between these two lovebirds. I am headed to their show again tonight and I can’t help but feel so lucky to see them once again.

Below I will share my feelings and thoughts that I wrote directly after the meet and greet and show! Oh, and of course my cute meet and greet photos will be included!

I shared this on my Instagram the day after I had met them.

“I don’t think it will ever fully hit me that last night happened and my biggest dream came true. Last night will forever be engraved on my heart. I truly don’t think people understand how much this experience means to me. Faith’s music has been something I have leaned on and grasped to through every good and bad moment in life. It was a constant when nothing else was. My biggest dream in life came true last night on July 8th, 2018. I got to meet her face to face. I was the first in line and had to stand in the empty meet & greet room until they appeared from behind the curtains. The only thing I could think about was how insanely gorgeous she was. I have always seen photos but never thought a human could be that beautiful! I wore a dressy gown and heels and right as she walked in she exclaimed: “you are so beautiful sweetheart, what’s the special occasion?” I said the occasion was meeting her and she went straight a hug. I also got lucky enough to get a solo photo snapped with her. I woke up this morning and could still smell her rose scented perfume, I sat there wondering when it is going to hit me like a ton of bricks that I met one of the biggest role models in my life. She is so real and authentic and her example in everything she does pushes me to be a better and stronger woman every single day. Faith, I am completely mesmerized by you and am so grateful I got to stand right in front of where you performed on stage last night. Until we meet again…I love you Faith Hill & thank you for making this the greatest day of my life, forever and always.
Xoxo, Lexie ***Also, I have had so many people dm, text, call, and comment saying that I could pass as Faith’s daughter and let’s just say if that isn’t the biggest compliment idk what is.”S2S070818SouixFallsM&G(2of17).jpg

My meet and greet experience:

I was the first one in line tonight and Aubrey was the sweetest at calming my nerves. I talked to her about her birthday and the Salt Lake City show next week. When it was finally time some of the staff help open the curtain and Faith walked in first and let me just tell you…FAITH IS EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON OH MY GOSH! Faith was the first to walk in and see me and was like “oh my gosh you are so beautiful sweetheart, what’s the special occasion?” And I said “you”. I was so awestruck that I practically forgot my name for a few seconds. She goes “awe, aren’t you just the sweetest thing” and then went straight for the hug. She said, “My name is Faith, it’s so nice to meet you”. Tim also introduced himself like that and asked me what my name was. It’s so sweet how they make the m&g’s so intimate. Faith’s hug was everything I could have ever wished for and more. Tim’s handshake was amazing and I got to get two. I was able to snag a photo with the both of them and one with just my girl Faith. We lined up for the photo and she goes you want to be in the middle. I said of course & then I looked her on the eyes after the photo and we kept talking. She then pointed at the camera as if we were going to take another picture. I said, “wait, can I get a photo with just you too?” She said “of course!” Y’all HER HUGS ARE AMAZING and she smells SO GOOD & now my dress smells like her. I was so starstruck and could barely get out any more words but Faith was so sweet about it. We talked a little more and then Faith gave me one more hug and Tim gave me a hug/handshake. My entire life is complete. I have met the woman that continually makes me strive to be a better human each and every day and it was more than I could’ve ever asked for. So damn blessed that I was able to get this opportunity and I will never ever  take it for granted. Faith & Tim, I LOVE YOU❤️You are truly my heroes and I am ready to scream every single song at the top of my lungs.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for their music and the power that it has. Faith’s music makes me feel so empowered and her example only exemplifies that empowerment more. I am so blessed that I was able to save up the money to make this opportunity possible. I worked to make my biggest dream come true and it was the greatest decision I have ever made. If you ever get the chance to witness their gifts in person, don’t let it pass you by.

I will remember this all:


About to head to my final show of the 2017-2018 Soul2Soul tour right now. So many mixed emotions yet still so excited! I will keep you updated!

Xoxo, Lexie







January Playlist

Lately, my taste in music has been changing a little bit. Over the past few months, I have fallen in love with music that brings a softer tone to the table. It provides a sense of calm during the crazy of day to day life.

The following songs are ones I highly recommend listening to and each of these is on my Top 25 Most Played. Whether the lyrics are sad or happy, they each have beautiful stories behind them. It brings such peace and happiness. Isn’t it incredible how music can completely transform your mood?

I hope you give them a listen and enjoy!

  1. Believing – Charles Esten & Lennon and Maisy Stella
  2. Incredible – Celine Dion & Ne-Yo
  3. Have a Little Faith in Me – Will Chase & Maisy Stella
  4. Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  5. The Rest of Our Life – Tim McGraw & Faith Hill (THIS WILL BE MY WEDDING SONG🙊)
  6. Speak to a Girl – Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  7. .O’Lord – Lauren Daigle
  8. God, Your Mama, And Me – Florida Georgia Line
  9. Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles
  10. Your Best – Lennon & Maisy Stella
  11. Lies of the Lonely – Connie Britton
  12. This is Real Life – Connie Britton, Lennon, & Maisy
  13. The Blues Have Blown Away – Connie Britton, Lennon, & Maisy
  14. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Natasha Bure
  15. Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston
  16. Wanted – Hunter Hayes
  17. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
  18. Humble & Kind –Tim McGraw
  19. Bigger Love – Colbie Calliat
  20. Take Me As I Am – Faith Hill

I believe the people you surround yourself with, the music you listen to you, and the things you watch all influence the person you are. I want to radiate positivity, sunshine, light, and love wherever I go and I try really hard to have it be seen throughout every aspect of my life. I hope you enjoy this little playlist I put together.

Xoxo, Lexie

Dear Future Husband

A year ago, I completed a bible study that focused on praying for my future spouse. (link below) Along with the daily bible verses was a challenge to either rewrite the prayer provided or make it your own. This bible study was the start of a different perspective on singleness and a new way to deal with the frustrations of it.

Trying to learn to be content in singleness is often incredibly hard. Yes, I know I am only nineteen years old so please do not try and tell me I shouldn’t be worrying about this. If you were in my position looking around and seeing countless friends, colleagues, and random strangers all enjoying their relationships, proposals, weddings, and starting a family you would understand what I am going through. It wouldn’t be my first time saying my biggest aspiration in life is to get married to the “love of my life” and start a family together. This aspiration is what makes be single so difficult. Although I am young not being asked on dates or talked to by any male makes me feel as if my dream is going nowhere.

There are so many things I want and instead of getting angry about the unknown I chose to pray for you and the life we will share together.

Over this past year, I have learned that when I begin to feel unwanted emotions about singleness it is easiest for me to grab a journal and write to my future husband and God. I write to my future husband about what I am praying about and write prayers to God about my future husband. I looked over a handful of my entries and decided to compile them into one letter I wrote and prayed about.

Dear Future Husband,

I am not even sure where to begin. There are so many things I want to tell you and so many questions I want answers to. I know you are out there somewhere and I wish I didn’t have to wait so long to know who you are. I pray for you often and I wish you knew that. I am not always the most patient when it comes to meeting you. I want to know who you are, your life story, what you are like, and what your dreams for this life are. Often times I sit around and wonder what you are like at church. I wonder if you quietly connect with our Lord or raise your hands high in surrender like I do. I am eager to know if you will be up for adventures. I want to discover new cities, places, and destinations with you by my side. I want to know about your upbringing and whether you are close with your family.  I want to be able to show you the love I already have for you. I want to create a habit of reading our bible daily and praying together. I want to get married and set a good example for our future children on what it means to respect and love one another. I want to create a home where our children will always want to run home to and share it with their friends. I want to create traditions that can be passed down for generations to come. I want you to know that I will be your biggest fan, encourager, and confidant. I want to share in your successes and your failures. I want to fulfill our purposes and callings in this life together. I want to explore the world together and share memories in some of the most beautiful places God placed on this earth. I want you to know that you will be loved and supported. I want you to know I eagerly await the day you come into my life and change it all for good. I imagine our first dates and special days. I imagine coming down the aisle, staring at you, and being so incredibly thankful that God blessed my life with a man as strong, courageous, and loving as you. I imagine the day I tell you we are expecting and that my dream of being a mother is coming true. I imagine so many small and big milestones that I pray we are able to share together one day. I imagine the good and bad times and being willing to rely on God through them all.

God, I pray that he is drawing near and building on his relationship with you each day.  I pray that he is leaning on you when temptations of this world come into his life. I pray that he is working and preparing for his future and striving to be a man of integrity. I pray that he is trusting you through it all. I pray that he is finding happiness in you today and every day. I pray that you are giving him the patience to wait upon you in bringing us together. Amen.

I just can’t wait for the day you finally come into my life.


Your Future Wife.


I challenge each one of you to take special moments are pray for your future spouse. Trust in God and His timing and focus on yourself and your relationship with God while you are single because God will bring you a man when you are ready.

Xoxo, Lexie


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